The Matchbox Man (2021)

The story of one man’s obsession with cars…really really small cars…


So what do you do when your cherished childhood toy becomes a collection. Then becomes an obsession? Well, like the Addams Family – voila! The house is a museum! In The Matchbox Man, director Gorman Bechard visits Charlie Mack, who began buying Matchbox cars in 1963, when he was 7; from his initial 20 to 30, his collection exploded to more than 42,000 – one of the world’s largest – prompting him to turn much of his Connecticut home into a showcase of nearly every model and variation ever made. And while he gives a look at his blistering array of colors and styles, he presents a history of a humble toy car that became an international phenomenon.  


Directed/edited/produced/shot by Gorman Bechard

Music by Dean Falcone

Featuring: Charlie Mack

Currently playing films festivals.  DVD release in January 2022.

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