FACTORY (coming in 2024)

150,000 sq feet of Sex, Vice, Music, Art & Clocks…


You drive by one every day.  Old factory buildings.  Dilapidated.  Boarded-up.  Infested.  Ready for the wrecking ball.  Or are they… Have you ever wondered what secrets that old building holds?  Who lived, worked, died, dreamed, fell in love, got murdered, performed, made art, had tough times and the best times their lives there?  What was it like in its heyday?  And what will become of it? Is it an eyesore ready to be knocked down?  Or is it a factory of dreams? From director Gorman Bechard (Pizza, A Love Story) and producer, Bill Kraus, comes FACTORY, a new feature-length documentary about the many varied and crazy lives of the New Haven Clock Company factory.  


Directed/written by Gorman Bechard

Produced by Gorman Bechard, Bill Kraus, Kristin Pantelis

Edited by Sydni Frisch

Music by Dean Falcone

Currently in production.  


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