Pizza A Love Story (2019)

Pizza wasn’t invented in New Haven.  It was perfected there.


Marinara sauce runs red through the streets of New Haven in this surprising, delectable documentary which profiles three pizza restaurants — Pepe, Sally’s & Modern — that together stand as the cornerstone of the town’s Italian-American heritage and connoisseurs of the tastiest incarnations of America’s favorite comfort food. This mouth watering documentary will make you laugh & leave you hungry. As we say, pizza wasn’t invented in New Haven, it was perfected there.


Directed by Gorman Bechard

Produced by Gorman Bechard, Dean Falcone, Colin M. Caplan

Edited by Gorman Bechard & Brianna Marcosano

Music by Dean Falcone

Featuring: Lyle Lovett, Michael Bolton, Dave Portnoy, Henry Winkler


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