Friends (with benefits) (2009)

Best friends Chloe and Owen decide to have no-strings-attached sex. Complications arise…a lot of complications.


Best friends since childhood, Chloe and Owen are both now studying at Yale Medical School. But between classes and work, neither has time for dating, or any interest in one-night stands. So…they become friends with benefits…friends who have no-strings-attached sex. It would work, in theory, if the two hadn’t always been secretly in love with one another. Their friends Alison, Shirley, Jeff and Brad are distressed when they discover what’s going on, claiming it’s sure to ruin the friendship. But on a boring night, as the four lament their own pathetic sex lives, they realize Chloe and Owen are doing exactly what they’d also like to be doing at the moment. Brad hooks up with Shirley; Jeff with Alison. All hell breaks loose…

But the complications have only begun. Chloe and Owen are each frightened to admit their love, both thinking it could ruin everything they share. And as pursuing a medical degree eats into every moment of their lives, a friendly kiss between Shirley and Alison becomes a whole lot more, with Brad and Jeff watching in shock. But instead of joining the two girls, Brad and Jeff hook up in their own “special” way. And it’s the girls’ turn to watch in stunned disbelief…but not for long. So…now Chloe’s not speaking to Owen, who can’t believe Brad hooked up with Jeff, who both may or may not be gay, while Shirley is angry with Alison for being a lot more comfortable with what they did than she is, and with Brad for ever wasting her time to begin with. Then there’s Owen’s ex, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Tatiana…

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is a tale of sexual identity and true love, a thinking person’s “American Pie,” a hipper “Sex And The City,” a controversial romantic comedy with belly-laughs.


Directed by Gorman Bechard

Written/produced by Gorman Bechard & Ashley McGarry

Starring Margaret Laney, Alex Brown, Anne Peterson, Jake Alexander, Lynn Mancinelli, Brendan Bradley, Rooney Mara