Disconnected (1984)

Is anybody there…


Alicia has been receiving strange phone calls in which loud and ghastly sounds echo through the receiver. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike, has hit a dead end and Alicia fears he’s having an affair with her twin sister, Barbara Ann. And all the while, a psychotic slasher is murdering young women with the police powerless to stop him. But then Alicia meets kind and nerdy Franklin. Will he be the man she’s been searching for, or will his own dark secrets destroy their newfound happiness?

Filmed in 1983, Gorman Bechard’s directorial debut, DISCONNECTED is a low budget, regional slasher oddity that subverts genre expectations, leading to a brutal and unsettling finale. Vinegar Syndrome newly restored this classic from original 16mm elements.


Directed/produced by Gorman Bechard

Written by Gorman Bechard & Virginia Gilroy

Starring Frances Raines, Mark Walker, Carl Kock, Carmine Capobianco


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