Where are you, Jay Bennett? (coming in 2021)

The story of a musical genius who left us much too soon…


A feature-length documentary on Jay Bennett, a legendary musician and recording studio savant, who as a member of Wilco, was a large part of the genius behind their three seminal albums (Being There, Summerteeth, and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot — he co-wrote most of Summerteeth and YHF with Jeff Tweedy), as well as the Mermaid Avenue/Woody Guthrie sessions with Billy Bragg.  Bennett went on to a critically acclaimed solo career, before dying tragically at the age of 45, because his health insurance would not cover his needed hip replacements surgery and the fentanyl patch he bought under the counter to help with the pain leaked, causing an accidental overdose of the drug.


Directed by Gorman Bechard & Fred Uhter

Written by Gorman Bechard

Produced by Fred Uhter & Gorman Bechard

Edited by Gorman Bechard & Chloe Barczak

Animation by Edwin Gendron

Poster photo by Paul Beaty


World Premiere, 11/15/21, Davis Theater, Chicago. Tickets/Info HERE

Available on BluRay/DVD combo pack and Pay-Per-View in late April 2022

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